Short, sweet and sour

I’ve had very little time for writing over the last few weeks, and no inclination to do anything but climb into bed with a book when the opportunity has presented itself. I get restless when I do not write, and I’ve learnt that these are periods of time when I must read. So I gave myself a mission: to read as many of Doris Lessing’s stories as I could. Lessing’s work has been a tonic for my busy mind, and I credit her for my renewed writing energy this morning.

A good short story is like a fine dining- it’s all about the balance of flavours, the subtle notes and nuances. There must be a good mix of sweet and sour. I’ve just finished the first draft of a short story that I’ve been working on for months. It will need some revision, but I’m pleased to say that I think it is sweet and sour in all the right places.

Thank goodness for writing. I love teaching, but it ‘drains my cup’- writing revives me. It’s nice to be back.

3 thoughts on “Short, sweet and sour

  1. “Mrs Fortescue”, “To Room Seventeen”, and “Flight” are the ones I remember most vividly. Have you encountered them yet? And “The Golden Notebook” is a proud member of my personal novel canon.

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