Well, haven’t things changed since my first post? I’ve been offered a part time teaching position and I’d be silly not to take it, but I’m a little conflicted; writing has been waylaid and thus, I’m wistful for my ‘happy place’. I’m about to undertake some goal setting for 2013 and I fear that the gist of things will be: DO NOT become a highly strung maniac intent on being the ‘perfect’ teacher.  See, there’s that catastrophic thinking again. The negative thinking is a deeply ingrained part of me and, as I’ve said before, it’s useful in my writing, so I have to make it work for me. One of my goals will be to turn that kind of thinking on its head; to simply change ‘I CAN’T ‘ to ‘I CAN!’.  Sounding too Anthony Robbins for you yet? Well, it’s obviously just cognitive behavioural modification and I need to work on it every day! I imagine most writers/artists do; we’re a self-doubting bunch!

A friend of mine has just started a new venture: http://www.goalsettinggirl.com . She provides templates for mapping out one’s goals in the core areas of life and all profits head directly to Opportunity International.   I want the novel to remain high on my agenda this year, and obviously, my family and friends too. My personal relationships are number one.  I’ve neglected both of my blogs over the festive period but it’s important that I keep them up: the more I write, the better I feel! So, I’ll be popping the blogs in the proforma too! Stay tuned!